Let me start by warning you… this post is more personal rather than real estate related. Like a lot more personal. And I’m going to use the “G” word… a lot. That means God. So if this topic doesn’t interest you, please feel free to click away.

I made a personal-professional decision today. I think I also just invented a new term. Personal-professional. It’s like perfessional. LOL… focus, Deedee. Anyway so actually this past Sunday, I made the decision to no longer hold Sunday open houses along with 3 other promises. These were promises I made to God. They were in response to a strong and clear leading by the Holy Spirit. My Sunday went something like this… I went to church in the morning… listened to a message about depression with a little touch of Sabbath talk to emphasize the importance of rest… I left church… then actually went back to church to pick up something I forgot… and then rushed off to an open house from 1-5pm. The things my pastor said about taking the WHOLE day to rest were stuck on my mind. He suggested we not just spend a hour in church and then hop to our jobs or other work. I don’t consider myself a person in need of rest. I actually stick to a mostly routine schedule and steer clear of packing my days with long to-do lists. That is just not the life for me. Basically, I’m a lot more Mary than Martha and I’m happy with that. Leaving myself some empty days on my schedule or at least half days and using that to do things that nourish my mind, spirit and body is a priority to me. I’m probably getting off topic here but my point is the idea of a day of rest was not some sort of amazing concept I had just encountered. This wasn’t one of those things where the pastor suggests we do it and it allows me to rest more and I’m all about that so I’m going to make this a strict rule for me. This allows me to be lazy or this allows me to have a new off day. No, no, no. The Spirit was pushing me though to recognize the entire Sabbath day. So I drove anxiously to my open house where I knew I could pull out my laptop and my Bible and my journal. All three things I cannot live without :) I knew I just had to see what the Bible had to say about Sabbaths. I had to understand straight from the Source before I just made some sort of career-altering decision. Allow me to explain that statement quickly… no longer participating in or hosting open houses on a Sunday is a BIG DEAL for a real estate agent like me. A portion of my business came from my work on two new construction teams. One I’d been part of for almost 3 years and another very new. When you’re on teams like this, you typically have open houses everyday or at least every weekend and you and the other agents rotate days. You often end up with a Sunday open house and to say you will not work Sundays is not an option. Ok so back to the story… I’m at open house and I’m not a Bible scholar. I’m not even a life-long Christian or close. So I consult Google to guide me to some verses on the Sabbath. She seriously overdelivered. Google is a girl, right? I say she overdelivered because asking where the Bible mentions the Sabbath is like asking how often it mentions prayer. It is a lot. Like a really really really whole lot. Sooooo I started reading and reading and writing and reading and writing more. And as I sat there journaling about what I found, I basically came to this conclusion… I better pray. Because here’s the thing I learned about the Sabbath and you probably already knew… it’s not very clear. I knew a lot of folks believed the actual day is Saturday. I did not know that some believe we don’t have to recognize a Sabbath anymore. I suppose I should always assume there is a group to believe every possible answer. Thanks to Google, I also learned that this topic is HOT. It’s heavily debated and while people type up these beautiful explanations for why their opinion is correct, you read each one and you can find sense in each argument. So I knew the Bible and the Holy Spirit were the only things I could trust. I’ll list some verses that I found interesting at the bottom of this post. So at the end of the day, I decided… I just gotta follow this command. I don’t know what God’s plan is here. Maybe He has something else in store for my Sundays. Maybe He knows this will be good for my spiritual growth & our relationship. Maybe He wants my business to work only 6 days and fully rest on the 7th. Maybe He just wants me to obey that 4th commandment. So yeah, I will leave these teams and I will stop this open house craziness and I will treat this day as sacred. Holy. I don’t know if the actual day is supposed to be Saturday or Sunday. I don’t know about some of these other Sabbath opinions either. But what I do know is 2 things: #1 I am covered by God’s grace so if I do have this all wrong, well then thank You, Jesus and #2 God told ME to spend Sundays in rest. And a bonus #3… God worked 6 and rested the entire 7th and I live each day to become more like Our Father so why not follow His lead? Ok now hear me please… I felt the need to write this post not to change the way YOU do business or anyone else. Not to set the record straight on Sabbaths (literally can’t even). Not to judge or shame any other agent or anyone at all. And not to sound like I have it together (if you got that from this, send me a message because boy do I have a story for you). But seriously here is why… there are going to be some people who respectfully question my decision. There already are. People who want to tell me why I’m wrong to not work on Sunday. People who just plain don’t understand why I’m doing this. And some of them will have questions for good reason. One of those reasons being that I tend to write things a lot better than I speak them. I can get my thoughts across better this way, clearly and in their entirety. I’m basically a babbling, smiling, cut-myself-off mess in person but I’m better than I used to be but yeah I’m still not great at personal topics. So long story short… I’m not doing Sunday open houses anymore because Jesus told me not to. It’s that simple. I could have led with and ended with that but then this post would be the shortest blog post in blog post history.

Now that you know my little story if you’re curious about those 4 promises I made to God last Sunday, here they are. Again, I am not suggesting that anyone else should be doing these or that this is all that matters. I just know these were 4 things I felt would help me keep my Sabbath holy. Maybe the list will grow even. I don’t know.

  1. No more open houses on Sunday

  2. No more social media on Sunday

  3. No secular music on Sunday

  4. Minimal/Emergency only spending (eating out, shopping, etc)

And here are some things I jotted in my journal that I will do on Sundays…

  1. Worship

  2. Pray

  3. Read the Bible

  4. Receive the message at church

  5. Fellowship & Friends

  6. Family

  7. Explore God’s creation- nature, outdoorsy stuff :)

  8. Be Still

  9. Rest

  10. Read Books

  11. Journal

And here are some of the many verses I found about the Sabbath…

Exodus 20:8-11

Mark 2:23-28

Leviticus 23:3

Isaiah 58:13-14

Ezekiel 20:10-24

Colossians 2:11-23

One more thing… if this post sounds super foreign to you… like maybe you’re thinking something like “What is this stuff she is even talking about and why does she act like God is so important?”. I hear you! I have probably had the same thought you are having right now. Let’s be friends! Send me a message so we can get connected :)