It's that time of the year already! Is Thanksgiving seriously next week?!?! I feel like the years are getting shorter and shorter as I age. Ugh... let's not think about that though. CHRISTMAS!!! It's almost here and our fun city is packed with fun things to do this time of year. Lucky for us, the Alabama weather allows us to still leave our houses and drive our streets and make some fun memories. So I thought I'd share two of my favorite Christmas-y things to do around the Birmingham area. These are both super fun for a date night or a girl's night or even a family night. They've become a little Christmas time tradition for us and I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Addresses and maps are at the bottom of this post.

1. Christmas Movies at The Alabama Theatre & Late Night Grub at Paramount.

Don't you just LOVE LOVE LOVE all the classic Christmas movies like Christmas Vacation, Home Alone and Polar Express? Well, I do. And for years now The Alabama Theatre in downtown Birmingham has been delighting us by playing them on the big screen throughout December. Our movie of choice is always Christmas Vacation but I'm tempted to add Home Alone to the list. This is not your typical theatre experience. The Alabama Theatre was built in 1927 and restored in 1998 and it is just stunning. It's a national landmark right here in Birmingham, Alabama. Check out for all the details. Movie times are posted under their events section. Oh and don't be shy if you want to get a little crazy for your movie. For Christmas Vacation, folks come in dressed as Cousin Eddie or Clark or other characters. The Cousin Eddie's are hilarious. They usually have a little costume contest at the beginning. So funny.

After the movies, we head over to Paramount for hot dogs and burgers. Some of the best in town! They're open until midnight on the weekends so you have plenty of time after the movie for grub and you can even make a really late night of it if you want. Paramount is like a grown up arcade with tons of games and a bar for those of us who like to enjoy a spirit or two.

2. Dinner at Rosie's & Lights at Huntsville Botanical Garden

Ok so technically this adventure is a little outside of Birmingham. A 90 minute drive from Birmingham actually. But it is SO WORTH IT! There is a very convenient Christmas light show every year right here at Oak Mountain called Festival of Lights. And it is not bad at all. BUT if you can bear the short drive to Huntsville, I believe you'll agree the Huntsville Botanical Garden one is much better. It's Galaxy of Lights and they've been doing it for years. I remember driving from Florence, Alabama to see the lights back in the ole' college days. This place does it right too. They have walking nights where you can stroll through the lights instead of riding in your car AND they even have dog walking nights. YES! You can bring your pups to see the lights. How cute is that???? Too cute.

But before you head to Galaxy of Lights, you gotta fuel up. Yes, you'll need plenty of gas since the light show can sometimes take hours to drive through but obviously I mean you need that GOOD FOOD. I consider myself a foodie because I love good food and I think that's what a foodie is. Correct me if I'm wrong there. Since we don't get to Huntsville often, I use this annual excursion as my excuse to eat at Rosie's Mexican Cantina. I used to live very close to a Rosie's but sad for me I don't anymore. Rosie's why you not come to Birmingham?!?!? I think I have actually had dreams about their mexican lasagna. And the tres leches. O-M-G the tres leches! Honestly everything is good. The sopapillas. The BBQ chicken nachos. And whoever is the passenger for this night of fun is the really lucky one because you can enjoy their famous Mambo Taxi. Yummy. Ok now I've thought about it too much. I'm about to get in my car and drive to Rosie's.






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