If you don’t already own a home, then homeownership is probably a goal of yours. It’s commonly an essential part of the American Dream and it just makes a whole, whole lotta good, good sense. Owning real estate is arguably the best way you can invest your money. And your very own home symbolizes freedom and independence. But you probably already know all of that. And I’d be willing to bet that you’ve visualized the type of home you’d love to own. Maybe you’re already scrolling through listings online. Maybe you’ve even made a list. You know the list… the one of things you’d like your house to have. Maybe it’s all in your head or maybe you’ve actually written it down. I like to call it a Needs & Wants list. It has two columns. One with all the things your home must have, the non-negotiable ones. And then another column with the extras, the things you’d love to have but they’re optional. This is not a bad place to start at all and you can bet it will come in handy when the house hunting process actually begins. As a Realtor, yep I’m a big fan of that list. But today I challenge you to make another list. A different kind of list. I call this list the, “If I Owned My Own Home List”. Lengthy title I confess but I give you full permission to shorten it for yourself :) So what’s this list all about exactly? Well it’s less about the features of your future home and it’s all about the stewardship of your home. It’s things like “I would host get-togethers to grow & nourish relationships with family & friends” or “ I would host a bible study” or “My kids would get to play outside more” or “I would cook more dinners at home”. I encourage you to grab your favorite super cute journal/notebook or print this blank list I’ve made for you and explore the motivation behind your desire to own a home. Really think about how owning a home will change your life for the better and how you can use this gigantic blessing to bless others too. No matter where you are in the process, this list will prove helpful. If you’re buying as a couple, do it together. Date night activity?! Yes, I said date night activity! Or maybe you have a friend or several friends also hoping to buy a home. Do it together! Share and dream together. I can’t think of a better girls’ night than grabbing a bottle of wine and ordering a pizza and making these together. Girls love lists. We really do. Maybe you already have a home under contract? Go ahead and make the list. Maybe you’re years away from being financially qualified for home buying? Go ahead and make the list. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this blog post but you already own a home? Go ahead and make the list but instead consider how you are using your current home. Keep this list and reflect it on it from time to time even after you’ve purchased a home. And I’d love love love to see some of the things you’re including on your list. Leave me a comment and tell me all about it!

click below for your blank list