So this is our new Saturday ritual... grab Beemer (my dog), grab our reusable shopping bag and head over to Pepper Place Market in the Lakeview District of Birmingham. This place is the best! Every Saturday from 9am-noon until about mid-December. They have tent after tent of fresh veggies and fruit from our local farmers plus handmade jewelry, soaps, doggy treats and lots of other things you didn't even know you need. I always arrive hungry because most of the vendors hand out free samples. Also because I will certainly buy something delicious while I'm there. Sometimes it's local boudin sausage, sometimes it's a gourmet doughnut. You never know what you're going to find. Make sure you do find the artisan tea tent though. They sell you this giant mason jar full of flavored tea that you can refill each time you come. I mean seriously, how cute is that? This place is super dog friendly so you can bring your pup and if he's anything like mine, he'll have a great ole' time sampling the homemade dog treats and sniffing all the other dogs. The live music is pretty mellow so if you're into that you might chill and listen. I like to stop and listen to the chef demonstration. Around 9am they have a local chef demonstrate a recipe. This week it was George Sarris from The Fishmarket Restaurant. You'll see a little clip of him on my Instagram. He's a pretty funny guy. I like it when my chefs are comical. I'm pretty sure the food taste better that way.